Let me introduce myself! My name is Sara Line Bjorn Frisk, and I am the Wild West Viking.

Why Wild West Viking?

The thought of a wild west viking came to me as a combination of my love of the Rocky Mountains, and my Danish heritage. I am a dual citizen of America and Denmark. My love is for both countries for their beauty, culture, history and food. My desire for this website is to combine both of these loves in a manner that makes sense to me to bring to you.

I would like to say that I am a true Renaissance-worman, a woman of many loves and talents. Love of life, travel, nature, real estate and talents for creating fabulous dishes, cocktails, entertaining, and finding people homes.

My Background

Born in United States of Danish parents, where my first language, Danish, was only spoken until I turned four. Then moving on to Quebec, where my second language, French was introduced. Our family lived in a predominantly French small-town, where the only English-speaking school served kids from surrounding towns, I then learned English. We then moved on to beautiful Copenhagen, where we lived for 4 year glorious years. The day my dad told me we were moving to Colorado, I exclaimed “Where’s that? Africa?” not knowing where in the world Colorado was!

I lived in Colorado and graduated High School, then moved on to Seattle for a bit with the intent of going to university. A professor persuaded me that maybe “University life” wasn’t quite for me, and put the thought in my head that I should move back to Copenhagen. As a young and impressioned adult, I moved back to Europe for a couple of years. Countries included Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland, where I ended up going to Hotel Management School in the Alps.

I then moved back to Colorado, started an internship with The Brown Palace, and went on to work for the Hyatt, and Wyndham Hotels in Chicago.

After deciding that the hotel industry wasn’t quite what I had envisioned, I went to work for my dad, who is a brew master and beverage consultant. I took on many projects, one that included starting an Import company where we imported European beers, wines and spirits. One big project that we undertook was the creation of Kaltenberg Castle Brewery in Vail, Colorado. This 400-seat restaurant/brewhouse built in the old Lionshead gondola building was the talk of the town for many years, although it no longer exists. I have many favorite memories of working with Austrian brew masters, Bavarian chefs and of course, Prince Luitpold of Bavaria.

Fast-forward through getting married, having two children, working as a Music Director at local church and starting a Website & Graphic Design company. I know have two college-age kids and found myself wanting more. I studied and worked for a real estate license, and have been a realtor since 2017. And finally during COVID I decided that my love and hobby of entertaining, making food, and beverages became something that I wanted to share in the form of Instagram.

In between all of these, my travel bug has been taken to new levels. Whether that be hiking a 14’er in my own backyard, or traveling across the ocean to Europe, Cambodia, or wherever my heart decides to take me. One can find me out in the mountains a least a couple of times a month, nature bathing is very important for the soul you know.

Thus Wild West Viking was born – to share with you, and who ever might be interested about reading about my adventures, whether they be in the mountains, across the seas, in my kitchen, or in finding people their forever homes.